Marriage Act

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Marriage Act is a Liberalian Law.

[edit] The Bill


The region of Liberalia defines marriage as the legal binding of two human individuals, whom receive all tax, financial and common rights of marriage found in Liberalian law.

Article I: Proposals

Clause 1: Any two (2) human citizens of Liberalia may come together in marriage, regardless of gender, race, religion, national origin, etc.

Section a: All citizens that are wedded must be of legal age in the nation which awards the marriage.

Section b: Individuals of blood relation closer than second cousin will not be allowed to marry.

Article II: Private Institutions

Clause 1: Individuals ordained by state recognized religious institutions may receive a license to perform a wedding ceremony.

Clause 2: All religious institutions have the right to award ordination.

Clause 3: Marriages may also be performed by judges, notary publics, other civil authorities to be defined by individual nations, and ship captains when the vessel is at least 2 miles from land.

Clause 4: Private religious institutions still retain the right to refuse marriage services to couples based on sexual orientation.

Article III: Divorce

Clause 1: Couples retain the right to a divorce at any time after being married.

Clause 2: In marriages that have produced children, parents who do not receive custody shall be made responsible for their child support payments until the child reaches 18 years of age.

Clause 3: The distribution of a divorcing couple's property shall be settled in local Divorce Courts.

Section a: The aforementioned distribution of property may be settled by a prenuptial agreement, defining the distribution of property in case of divorce at the beginning of the marriage.

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